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Finland is a country located in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. It is the eighth largest country in Europe in terms of area, and the most sparsely populated country in the European Union. Finland has a population of about 5.5 million people and its capital and largest city is Helsinki. The official language is Finnish and the currency is the Euro. Finland is a parliamentary republic with a president as the head of state. The country is known for its natural beauty, with many forests, lakes, and islands. It is also known for its high standard of living and high levels of education.

The weather in Finland varies depending on the season. In the summer, temperatures average around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) and in the winter, temperatures average around -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit). Finland also receives a lot of snow in the winter, especially in the northern part of the country. In the summer, the weather is generally warm and sunny, but it can also be rainy and cool. Overall, the weather in Finland can be unpredictable, so it is best to be prepared for a range of conditions when visiting.
Things to do
  • There are many things to do in Finland, depending on your interests and preferences. Some popular activities and attractions in the country include exploring the beautiful Finnish countryside, visiting the capital city of Helsinki, going to the sauna, and trying the local cuisine. Other popular things to do in Finland include visiting the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, exploring the archipelago of Helsinki by boat, skiing or snowboarding in the winter, and visiting one of the many national parks, such as the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park or the Linnansaari National Park. Additionally, Finland is known for its vibrant music and arts scene, so attending a concert or visiting a museum or art gallery is a popular activity for many visitors.