Cheap flights to Seoul (Incheon)

  • Seoul (Incheon) Airport, formally known as Incheon International Airport, is the main international airport serving the city of Seoul, South Korea. It is located on an island just west of Incheon city, approximately 30 kilometers west of downtown Seoul.
  • Incheon Airport is the largest and busiest airport in South Korea, handling over 70 million passengers annually. It serves as a major hub for many international airlines and offers flights to numerous destinations worldwide.
  • The airport has two passenger terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is the main terminal, which has various facilities including duty-free shops, restaurants, lounges, and more. Terminal 2, which opened in 2018, is specifically designed to accommodate additional passenger capacity and provides similar amenities to Terminal 1.
  • Transportation options to and from the airport include buses, taxis, and the Airport Railroad Express (AREX). The AREX offers both express and all-stop services, connecting the airport to various destinations in Seoul. Additionally, there are also several hotels located near the airport for those needing accommodation.
  • Seoul (Incheon) Airport is known for its modern facilities, efficient operations, and high level of service, making it a popular choice for travelers visiting South Korea or transiting to other destinations.