Cheap flights to Pori

  • Pori Airport (in Finnish: Porin lentoasema) is a regional airport located in Pori, Finland. It is situated about 3 kilometers southwest of the city center. The airport is primarily used for domestic flights within Finland, with occasional seasonal charter flights to popular holiday destinations.
  • Pori Airport has one terminal building and one asphalt runway. It offers basic facilities for passengers, including a check-in counter, a cafe, and car rental services. The airport has limited flight connections, with regular flights operated by Finnair between Pori and Helsinki.
  • Transportation options to and from Pori Airport include taxis, private transfers, and rental cars. Public transportation is also available, with a bus service connecting the airport to the city center and other nearby towns.
  • Overall, Pori Airport is a relatively small airport that serves the region of Pori and its surrounding areas. It provides convenient access for both business and leisure travelers.