Cheap flights to Moheli

  • Moheli airport, also known as Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport, is the main airport on the island of Moheli, which is part of the Union of the Comoros. It is located in the town of Ouani, about 15 kilometers southeast of Fomboni, the capital of Moheli.
  • The airport serves as a gateway for travelers visiting Moheli and other nearby islands in the Comoros archipelago. It has both domestic and international flights, with Air Tanzania and Inter-Îles Air being the main airlines operating at the airport.
  • The airport has a single runway and a small terminal building. Facilities at the airport are limited, but it provides essential services such as customs and immigration. Surrounding the airport, there are a few hotels and guesthouses for travelers to stay in.
  • Moheli airport offers connections to other airports in the Comoros, including Moroni Airport on Grande Comore and Anjouan Airport on Anjouan. From there, travelers can further explore the rest of the Comoros islands or fly to other destinations.