Cheap flights to Lee

  • There are several airports around the world that have the name "Lee" in them. Some examples include:
  • 1. Leesburg Executive Airport (Virginia, United States): Also known as Leesburg Airport, it is a public-use airport located in Leesburg, Virginia, about 35 miles northwest of Washington, D.C.
  • 2. Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport (Georgia, United States): It is a public-use airport located in Gainesville, Georgia, about 53 miles northeast of Atlanta.
  • 3. Lee-on-the-Solent Airport (England, United Kingdom): Also known as Daedalus Airport, it is a former military airfield located in Hampshire, England. It is now primarily used for general aviation.
  • 4. DuBois Regional Airport (formerly known as DuBois-Jefferson County Airport) (Pennsylvania, United States): This airport is located in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, and was named after Howard E. DuBois and former U.S. Representative John Murtha. Although not specifically called "Lee airport," it was formerly known as Jefferson County Airport, which was originally named after Harold V. Lee, a local aviator.
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