Cheap flights to Faleolo

  • Faleolo International Airport is the main airport in Samoa, located on the island of Upolu. It serves as the primary gateway for travelers coming to Samoa from international destinations. The airport is located around 40 minutes from the capital city of Apia.
  • Faleolo Airport has both national and international flights, connecting Samoa to countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and American Samoa. It is the hub for Samoa Airways, the national carrier.
  • The airport offers modern facilities and amenities for travelers, including duty-free shops, restaurants, currency exchange services, and car rental options. It has a single terminal building that handles both arrivals and departures.
  • Transportation to and from the airport is available through taxis, shuttle services, and private transfers. The airport is situated near popular tourist destinations, such as the beautiful beaches of Upolu and the iconic To-Sua Ocean Trench.
  • Overall, Faleolo Airport plays a crucial role in connecting Samoa to the rest of the world and serves as an important gateway for both tourists and locals traveling to and from the country.