Cheap flights to Bader Field

  • Bader Field is a former airport located in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the United States. It was the first airport in Atlantic City and was named after Enoch "Nucky" Johnson's lawyer, Percy H. Bader. The airport opened in 1910 and was in operation for almost a century before closing in 2006.
  • Bader Field served as a commercial airport until 1945 when it was replaced by the Atlantic City Municipal Airport, now known as the Atlantic City International Airport. Afterward, Bader Field continued to operate as a general aviation airport, handling private and charter flights.
  • The airport was also known for hosting various airshows and aviation events throughout its history. However, declining usage and financial troubles led to its closure in 2006. Since then, there have been discussions about redeveloping the site for other purposes, such as entertainment venues or a park.