Cheap flights to Baca Grande

  • Baca Grande Airport is a small public-use airport located in Moffat County, Colorado. The airport is situated about 22 miles north of the town of Moffat and is owned and operated by the Baca Grande Property Owners Association.
  • The airport has a single asphalt runway designated as 1/19, which is 5,000 feet long and 60 feet wide. It is primarily used for general aviation purposes and serves as a convenient access point for residents and visitors to the Baca Grande community.
  • Facilities at Baca Grande Airport include a pilot lounge, a fueling station, parking areas, and tie-down spaces for aircraft. There are no commercial airline services available at this airport, and private pilots must make prior arrangements for fuel and other services.
  • The airport's location in a scenic area of Colorado makes it a popular destination for recreational flying, offering access to nearby mountains, national parks, and outdoor recreational activities.
  • Overall, Baca Grande Airport provides a convenient and essential transportation link for the Baca Grande community and serves as a gateway to the natural beauty and attractions of the surrounding region.