Cheap flights to Avra Valley

  • Avra Valley Airport, also known as Marana Regional Airport, is a public airport located in Avra Valley, Arizona, United States. It is owned and operated by the Town of Marana. The airport is situated about 15 miles northwest of downtown Tucson.
  • Avra Valley Airport covers an area of approximately 950 acres and has two asphalt runways. The primary runway measures 6,901 feet in length, while the secondary runway is 4,800 feet long. The airport mainly serves general aviation aircraft, including private planes, military aircraft, and charters.
  • Facilities at Avra Valley Airport include a terminal building, aircraft hangars, and a pilot lounge. The airport offers various services, such as fueling, aircraft parking, and aircraft maintenance. It also provides flight training facilities and aircraft rental services.
  • Avra Valley Airport serves as an alternative to the larger Tucson International Airport for general aviation traffic. It offers convenient access to the Avra Valley and Marana regions, where several residential and industrial developments are located. The airport is also utilized for military training and operations.
  • Overall, Avra Valley Airport is an important transportation hub for the Avra Valley and Marana communities, providing facilities and services to support general aviation activities in the region.