Cheap flights to Astrakhan

  • Astrakhan Airport, officially known as Narimanovo Airport, is an international airport located in Astrakhan, Russia. It is situated about 12 kilometers northeast of the city center. The airport serves as a transportation hub for the Astrakhan region, offering domestic and international flights.
  • Narimanovo Airport has a modern terminal building with comfortable facilities for travelers. It handles a significant amount of passenger traffic and operates flights to various destinations within Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other major cities.
  • The airport also offers international flights to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. It serves as an important gateway for tourists and business travelers visiting Astrakhan and the surrounding areas.
  • Transportation to and from Astrakhan Airport is available through various means, including taxis, private transfers, and public transportation options like buses. The airport has parking facilities for those who prefer to drive.
  • Overall, Astrakhan Airport plays a crucial role in connecting Astrakhan with other regions of Russia and countries abroad, contributing to the development of tourism and business in the area.