Cheap flights to Ascension

  • There are multiple airports with the name "Ascension" around the world. However, the most well-known Ascension Airport is located on Ascension Island, a remote British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean.
  • Ascension Airport (IATA: ASI, ICAO: FHAW) serves as the main point of entry to Ascension Island. It is a joint military and civilian facility operated by the Royal Air Force. The airport has a single runway and primarily serves as a refueling stop for military and commercial aircraft traveling between South America and Africa. As such, it does not receive regular commercial passenger flights.
  • The airport is strategically located, supporting satellite tracking and missile monitoring operations. It also acts as a logistics hub for the British military and operates a wide variety of military aircraft.
  • With its isolated location, Ascension Airport plays a unique role in global aviation, offering crucial services for military operations and scientific research in the South Atlantic region.