Cheap flights to Asbury Park

  • Asbury Park airport, also known as Asbury Park Municipal Airport, is a public airport located in Wall Township, New Jersey, United States. It is situated approximately 50 miles south of New York City and serves the communities of Asbury Park, Wall Township, and the surrounding areas.
  • The airport has a single runway and offers general aviation services to private and recreational pilots. It is also used for flight training, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft storage. The airport does not have commercial airline service, so it mainly caters to private aircraft owners and pilots.
  • Asbury Park airport has a small terminal building with basic facilities, including a pilot lounge, restrooms, and a small snack area. There are also a few aircraft hangars available for rent. The airport operates during specific hours, and landing fees may apply for certain types of aircraft.
  • Being located near popular tourist destinations like Asbury Park and the Jersey Shore, the airport serves as a convenient gateway for travelers visiting the area. It provides a more efficient and convenient alternative to larger airports in the region, especially for private aircraft owners.
  • Overall, Asbury Park airport plays a crucial role in supporting general aviation activities in the region and contributes to the local economy through aviation-related services and tourism.