Cheap flights to Angus Downs

  • Angus Downs airport is a small regional airport located in Angus Downs, Western Australia. It is situated approximately 300 kilometers east of Newman and 800 kilometers south of Darwin. The airport primarily serves the local community and nearby cattle stations, providing essential air transportation services for residents, workers, and supplies.
  • As a regional airport, Angus Downs has limited facilities and infrastructure. It consists of a single runway and a small terminal building. The runway is asphalt and measures approximately 1,200 meters in length, allowing for various types of small to medium-sized aircraft to operate.
  • Angus Downs airport is primarily used for charter and private flights, as well as for emergency medical evacuations and air freight operations. It plays an important role in supporting the region's remote communities and industries, such as mining, agriculture, and tourism.
  • Although Angus Downs airport is not a major transport hub, it serves as a vital lifeline for the surrounding areas, providing essential connectivity to the rest of the country.