Cheap flights to Agnew

  • Agnew Airport is a small airport located in the town of Agnew, Western Australia. It primarily serves as a transportation hub for mining and resource companies working in the surrounding region. The airport has a single asphalt runway and limited facilities, mainly catering to charter flights and private aircraft.
  • Agnew Airport is situated approximately 50 kilometers northeast of the city of Kalgoorlie, making it a convenient access point for corporate and business travelers. It is owned and operated by the mining company Gold Fields Limited, which operates several mining sites in the area.
  • The airport does not offer scheduled passenger flights, but it can accommodate private planes and charters upon prior arrangement. As part of the mining operations, it provides transportation for employees and supplies to and from the various mining sites in the region.
  • As an airport mainly serving the mining industry, Agnew Airport operates primarily to support mining operations and does not have extensive passenger amenities or services commonly found in larger commercial airports.