Cheap flights to Aachen/Merzbruck

  • Aachen/Merzbruck Airport, also known as "Flugplatz Aachen-Merzbrück" in German, is a small regional airport located near the city of Aachen in Germany. It is primarily used for general aviation, private aircraft, and flight training.
  • The airport has a single asphalt runway measuring 1,150 meters (3,773 feet) in length and 23 meters (75 feet) in width. It is equipped with a tower and offers a range of facilities for pilots and passengers, including hangars, fuel services, and a small terminal building.
  • Aachen/Merzbruck Airport is located approximately 5 kilometers (3 miles) south-east of the city center of Aachen, making it easily accessible for both local residents and visitors to the area. While it is not a major international airport, it serves as a convenient hub for those traveling by private or charter aircraft to the Aachen region.
  • The airport has limited commercial passenger services, with occasional chartered flights operating from Aachen/Merzbruck. However, most air traffic at the airport consists of general aviation and flight training activities.
  • Overall, Aachen/Merzbruck Airport plays a vital role in supporting regional air traffic in Aachen and surrounding areas, providing a convenient and accessible alternative to larger airports in the region.