Pacific Flier

  • Pacific Flier was a proposed airline that was planning to operate in the South Pacific region. However, the airline never commenced operations and the plans were eventually abandoned.
  • The airline was founded in 2007 by the former chief executive of the failed Australian airline, Ansett Australia, and aimed to provide domestic and international services from its hub in the Pacific island nation of Fiji. Pacific Flier intended to connect various island destinations within the South Pacific, including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, and the Cook Islands.
  • Initially, the airline planned to operate a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft, but later changed its plans to lease Boeing 737-800 aircraft due to cost considerations. Pacific Flier secured an air operator's certificate (AOC) from the Fijian government in 2010 and planned to launch operations in early 2011.
  • However, the airline faced numerous challenges, including financial difficulties and regulatory issues. It struggled to secure additional funding to support its operations and was unable to secure the necessary permits and approvals from the various Pacific island nations it aimed to serve.
  • As a result, Pacific Flier was unable to start its operations and eventually ceased all efforts to launch the airline. The reasons for the failure were primarily attributed to a lack of financial backing and difficulties in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the region.
Pacific Flier